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Research Interests

The Raston group combines the fundamental areas of chemicals science to create new interfaces. With experitise in organic synthesis, materials chemistry, organometalics chemistry and biochemistry, the interfaces which evolve are both interesting and significant. Below are some of the groups interfaces and research areas.
Flow Chemistry


Flow chemistry is a popular and fast growing field in the chemical sciences. We combine dynamic thin films into flow chemistry systems to help us evolve this area.


The group uses the VFD to instigate organic transformations to selected motifs in order to reach highly desired organic compounds for pharmacetucial, medicinal and exploritory usage.



Organic Methodology


The VFD is capable of producing gram level quantities of material in a short space of time in flow. In confined mode, volumes of reactants can be dramtically reduced so that precious or finite substartes can be explored. Using both of these methods allows for new reactivity to be screened and explored, with the group discovering and designing new reaction pathways to help in the total synthesis of bioactive organic motifs. 



Organometallic reagents have been widely used over the last 30 years. What isn't so common is there usage in flow chemistry systems. The group uses flow chemistry to look at new and interesting reactivity within flow and conventional batch type systems.



Materials Chemistry

Carbon based and hetrogenous materials have materials properties which is exciting and provides an opportunity to understand more about these materials. The group focuses on carbon nanotubes, fullerene, buckyballs, graphene and graphite for materials properties can be of importance.




The ability to harness the power of nature in the form of enzymes is a dominant area in chemistry. However, in flow, this is still a growing area. The groups research focuses on this area for useful synthetic transformations and fundamental understanding.


Biofuels pose an attractive alternative for energy usage. The group has had a large amount of sucess in the design and development of flow systems to push this area forward. Focus is on new methodology to make biodiesel synthesis more attractive as well as using alternative feedstocks.

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