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Professor Colin Raston

Proffesor Colin L Raston is the lead inventor and developer of the Vortex Fluidic Technology and has been responsible for driving the research underpinning the technology and various related collaborative research programs. Prof. Raston FRACI CChem FRSC is a South Australia Premier's Professorial Research Fellow in Clean Technology. He completed a PhD under the guidance of Professor Allan White, and after postdoctoral studies with Professor Michael Lappert at the University of Sussex, he was appointed a lecturer at The University of Western Australia (1981) then to Chairs of Chemistry at Griffith University (1988), Monash University (1995), The University of Leeds (2001), and The University of Western Australia (2003). He is a former President, Queensland Branch President, and Chair of the Inorganic Division, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. His current research covers clean technology and green chemistry, process intensification, nanotechnology and self-assembly, and is currently on the editorial advisory editorial boards of the journals Green Chemistry and RSC Advances (Royal Society of Chemistry), and on the editorial boards of Crystal Growth and Design(American Chemical Society) and Polyhedron.
Professor Colin Raston has published over 550 peer reviewed articles and continues to add to this remarkable contribution with over 30 new articles a year.



  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Senior Research Fellowship (1993 and 1998)

  • Burrows Award Inorganic Division Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) (1994)

  • Citation Queensland Branch RACI (1994)

  • HG Smith Award RACI (1996)

  • Green Chemistry Challenge Award RACI (2002)

  • Pacific Northwestern Inorganic Lecturer Award (2004)

  • ARC Australian Professorial Fellowship (2005 and 2010)

  • Leighton Memorial Medal RACI (2006)

  • Living Luminary, RACI (2011)

  • South Australia Premier's Professorial Research Fellow in Clean Technology (2013)

  • IG Nobel prize recipient (2015)

  • Appointed officer of the Order of Australia (AO) (2016)

  • SA Science Excellence and Innovation Winner (2020)

Current and recent grants


  • ARCDiscovery, 2010-2014, C. L. Raston and F. Rosie (INRS, Montreal), 'Integrated approach to functional carbon based materials'.

  • NHMRC, L. Y. Lim and C. L.Raston, 2012-2014, ‘Phosphonatedcalixarenes for the targeted intracellular delivery of anticancer agents’.

  • ARC Linkage, C. L. Rastonand K. S. Iyer (UWA), 2012-2014, ‘Application of microfluidics in engineering functional noble-metal nano-materials’, with The Perth Mint.

  • ARC Linkage, C. L. Raston, C. Bond, S. Dunlop, K. S. Iyer (UWA), and F. Wood (Royal Perth Hospital), 2011-2013, ‘Processing pearl nacre for bio-nano-technology’, with Pearl Technologies.

  • ARC Discovery, C. L.Raston and K. Stubbs (UWA), 2013-2015 (UWA), ‘Controlling the organization of matterusing vortex fluidics’.

  • SA Premier’s Professorial Research Fellow in Clean Technology, 2013-2016.

  • ARC Discovery, C. L.Raston, K. Stubbs (UWA) and Gregory Weiss (UCI), 'Modular Vortex Fluidic Mediated Molecular Transformations' 2020-2023.

  • ARC Discovery, C. L.Raston and Qin Li (Griffith), 'Controlling nano-carbon complexity and function' 2020-2023.

  • ARC Discovery, C. L. Raston, Qin Li (Griffith), and Elsa Antunes (James Cook), 'High shear fluid flow driving carbon foundry for advanced manufacturing', 2023-2026.

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